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We believe in restoring optimal health through Specific Chiropractic adjustments so that our community can live their life at the highest level. 


Things happen and sometimes it is not in our favor. Accidents can lead to unwanted discomfort. Even “minor” accidents can lead to significant spinal misalignments. These can progress into much more serious issues later down the road. If you have been involved in an accident, Dr. Gravely can help get you back on your feet.


Pregnancy brings about unique stresses on the body. Gentle chiropractic adjustments can help reduce the newly found stress on the mother to ensure that not only she is healthy, but her children are as well.

Infants & Children

The birthing process is a difficult part of life for not only mom but your child as well. Its vital to have your newborn checked for spinal misalignments so that they can progress through childhood with ease. Having your children checked for any interference is the single best investment to ensure your child has an edge while growing up.​


As you age your body goes through many experiences that can lead to aches and pains down the road. Dr. Gravely helps many seniors restore normal function so they can enjoy all of life’s gifts.​

Meet your doctor

Dr. Janrai Gravely, DC

Dr. Janrai Gravely, born in Brazil and raised in Dallas, Texas, has a true passion for treating and educating patients on Chiropractic care. Upon graduating from Belmont University he moved back to Brazil to play professional soccer. There he suffered a life changing injury which limited his ability to walk and even stand upright thus ending his childhood dream. Chiropractic was the secret to getting Dr. Gravely back on his feet. Through his experience Dr. Gravely returned stateside with a mission to make sure that no one would have to go through the same pain and suffering he endured.

Through mission trips he has helped serve people in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. He has extensive training in: Specific Prone, Diversified, Cranial Sacral, Extremity Care, SOT, Upper Cervical and Webster’s. He is also a mentor to students at Parker University, Texas Chiropractic College and Cleveland College of Chiropractic. He holds a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Parker University and earned his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Belmont University. 

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