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Our why

"We believe in restoring optimal health through Specific Chiropractic adjustments so that our community can live their life at the highest level."


Things happen and sometimes it is not in our favor. Accidents are a part of life that can lead to some unwanted discomfort. Even “minor” accidents can lead to significant spinal misalignments. These can progress into much more serious issues later down the road. If you have been involved in an accident, Dr. Gravely can get you back on your feet so that you won’t have to wait and see what happens further down the road.


Pregnancy brings about unique stresses on the body. Gentle chiropractic adjustments can help reduce the newly found stress on the mother to ensure that not only she is healthy, but her children are as well.

Infants and Children

The birthing process is a difficult part of life for not only mom but your child as well. Its vital to have your newborn checked for spinal misalignments so that they can progress through childhood with ease. Having your children checked for any interference is the single best investment to ensure your child has an edge while growing up.


As you age your body goes through many experiences that can lead to aches and pains down the road. Dr. Gravely helps many seniors restore normal function so they can enjoy all of life’s gifts.

Is Chiropractic for me?

Modern chiropractic care is conservative, extremely safe, highly effectual and extremely cost-effective. We will never guess when it comes to your care, but always perform a multi-system examination and take X-rays, in order to determine exactly where a patient’s problem may lie.
We can help...

The chiropractic adjustment, backed by thousands of university conducted studies, is about helping people live fuller, healthier lives. Physical obstructions, like nerve impingement, are what chiropractors call subluxations. Nerve pressure can originate from a number of structures in the body, including muscle, tendon, ligament or bone. Simply stated, Chiropractic care is about locating and removing bio-mechanical imbalance and nerve impingement in the body, this then allows the body to function at an optimal level of nerve communication and stability.

  • Thoughts

    Our beliefs about ourselves and others greatly reflect how well or poor we handle stress.

  • Traumas

    Over time even the smallest trips, scrapes and falls can affect how our body copes with these subtle changes over time. As the twig bends, so grows the tree.

  • Toxins

    We are a product of our environment. What comes into our bodies will greatly affect how we grow and develop over the years.

  • Proper Nerve Flow

    Without this, you cannot fully express any of the above mentioned sections at their full potential. This is where we come in!

Your doctor

"You cannot fight the darkness; you must turn on the light. You cannot fight disease, you must turn on life."
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